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This is for you Ryan, so stop bitching at me. - jessi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This is for you Ryan, so stop bitching at me. [Feb. 28th, 2004|10:31 pm]
I'm not entirely sure what happened to me last night.

I sat down in the projection room and all of a sudden it's 15 minutes later, and I'm laying face-down on the cold, gross tile floor, with Emily stroking my hair saying "It's time to get up sweetie."
Yeah, I don't know if I fell asleep, or if I fainted.

ReverendQwerty: that reminds me, mom-to-be needs to buy me some goddamn cigarettes this week
HarleyQuinnJra: I bet you're overjoyed you only have a bit over a month to go
ReverendQwerty: OH MY GOD
ReverendQwerty: SIR
ReverendQwerty: YOU HAVE NO IDEA
ReverendQwerty: NONE
ReverendQwerty: WHATSOEVER
HarleyQuinnJra: we all have our vices. I can't wait for sex toys
ReverendQwerty: I can't wait for statutory rape lol am i rite
HarleyQuinnJra: don't even mention. I'm so pissed..

Best segue evah:

"Bitter Love" theme PMF this month.
Talk about it.
Guess who all showed up?

Rachel. The 13 year old nymphet of my now insanely twisted ex-boyfriend.

I'm not supposed to know that they're dating, but I do. And I don't think she knew that.

So, Brian had 2 ex girlfriends, and one current toy, slut, I mean payback weapon, infatuation present at the February showing of tragic love stories. I'm surprised he wasn't there himself. Oh wait, that would have been a particularly painful slap in the face, now wouldn't it have been?

Bitter love, indeed.

I had a nervous breakdown on Friday. Just a little one. I guess you could really call it a temper tantrum. But this has been SUCH a shitty month, I'm delving even further into self pity than I should.

Live from my ass, it's Saturday night!

Fuck you.