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Yay [Dec. 31st, 2003|07:54 pm]

Where you live

This is what you see when you look in the door.

This is where I sleep, for those of you stalkers who are intereseted.


I did a search for "Albuquerque" and this is what it came up with...

Astrological Sign

Favorite Smell

Favorite Color

Favorite Movie(s)

Favorite Sport(s)

Favorite Animal(s)

Yes. My cat's name is really Maximilliowned. I blame drugs, and my ex-boyfriend.

This is a kangaroo. Not a walllaby.

Favorite Tunes

Favorite Store(s)

Biggest Fear

Dream Outfit
If not:

(Imagine there's fishets. I couldn't find them.)


Most Treasured Item(s)


(This represents all of my Harley stuff. It was too much to take a picture of everything.)

And it was too dark to take a picture of my car. :(

Three Things You Love

My teddy bear that I have had my whole life who I cannot sleep without

My Jack Skellington hoodie (And no, I didn't get mine at Hot Topic like everybody else. I bought mine at Disneyland.)

The left shoe I have dedicated to Weezer. This represents my love for my shoes, and my love for Weezer.